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Open WOD 18.1 Winners!!

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What an great way to kick off the CrossFit Open and Friday Night Lights!

Friday Night Lights was so full of excitement and a great supportive vibe, cheering for all the Athletes…That’s what it’s all about!!

This Friday, all afternoon/evening classes are cancelled as we travel to CrossFit Los Al (10893 Portal Rd, Los Alamitos, CA 90720). Doors open at 4pm, Heats start at 5pm.


Here are the 18.1 winner in each division. Please remember, it’s your responsibility to submit your score before midnight on Monday to CFBH Open Score Submissions (same link as last week)

Don’t forget to submit your guess for what you think 18.2 will be. Your guess must be IN ORDER!! Deadline is 5pm on Thursdays. Win a CFBH if you get it right! (Congrats to Shaina for winning 18.1). Submit your guess here (same link as last week)

There are some explanations on “RX vs Scaled” and the “Mixed Division” and Masters Athletes at the bottom.

Photo by @FatTonyBMX
Photo by @FatTonyBMX
Photo by @FatTonyBMX
Photo by @FatTonyBMX
The Sweet AF Award goes to the 2 Athletes each week who exemplify what CFBH is all about…Putting forth your best effort, inspiring others with your actions, respecting, supporting and cheering for other Athletes, and helping maintain the positive environment that continues to make CFBH the best CrossFit gym!                                              Photo by @FatTonyBMX

Please complete each workout either the “RX” or “Scaled” as it’s written. Any modifications made to the workout will automatically put you in the scaled division. Even if you use a weight or do a movement that’s heavier or more difficult, your score will be put in the scaled division. You can always redo the workout in a different division, but you’ll have to pick which division you wish to have your score count in.

Our goal if for everyone to try and RX as many workouts as you can. If you can RX it, then you should! Again, you can always redo the workout in the scaled level, but push yourself…

The “Mixed” division is for Athletes who don’t complete 5 workouts in the RX level or Scaled level…Maybe you completed 4 Scaled workouts and 1 RX? or vice versa…This puts you in the “Mixed” division where you be ranked with others what have done both RX and Scaled workouts.

This is where the “OVERALL POINTS” come in… In the Mixed division, any Athlete completing the workout in the RX division will rank higher than the best Scaled score. We will monitor any “gaming” of the system, and the RX workouts must be legitimate attempts. (i.e.- someone who has never done a pull-up doing an RX workout that has Muscle-ups.) Your score will not count.

EXPLANATION ON THE “MASTERS” Scoring and Divisions:
Masters Athletes who complete their workouts “RX” will earn their “Overall Points” by how they rank compared to all other “RX” Athlete (regardless of age). Same goes for Masters Athletes who scale. At the end of the 5 weeks, Masters Athletes will have those totals added up to give them their overall score compared to only Masters Athletes.

Any questions on this CFBH Open stuff, just email me at