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So we’ve all just found our “Heavy Single” lifts for Bench, Back Squat, Deadlift, and Cleans…Now, the Strength Cycle begins!!

We will be doing a “Wendler 5/3/1” Strength Cycle.

Jim Wendler is an accomplished powerlifter who’s developed a simple strength cycle called “5/3/1”. It’s a very simple and effective strength development program that is based on a waves of increasing weight percentages and reduced repetitions. This is a safe and progressive model that will make you stronger.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works!

First things, first. Let’s break this down…

#1- Working Weight is 90% of your HEAVY SINGLE
All the percentages we use will be based on your “Working Weight”. You Working Weight will be 90% of your “Heavy Single” weight. If you do not have a heavy single weight, no prob, ask a Coach and we can help estimate one.

#2- All Strength will be 3 sets of lifts
Each week, any time we’re working on these lifts, we will be warming up to our lowest percentage weight of the day.

#3- The 3rd Set will always be a “Max Rep” set, but not to Failure!
(Remember, these percentages are based on your WORKING WEIGHT!)
Week 1- 3 sets, 5 @65%, 5 @75%, 5+ @85% (Not to Failure)
Week 2- 3 sets, 3 @70%, 3 @80%, 3+ @90% (Not to Failure)
Week 3- 3 Sets, 5 @75%, 3 @85%, 1+ @95% (Not to Failure)
Week 4 “DELOAD WEEK”- 3 Sets, 5 @40%, 5 @50%, 5 @60% (no Max Rep)

On “Week 5” we will begin the the cycle over again, but add 10lbs to our “Working Weight” for lower leg movements (Deadlifts, Backquats, Cleans), and 5lb to our “Working Weight” for Bench.

#4- Progress Slowly
This program was put together by people smarter than us…trust the process. Stay strict on your numbers and move well when you lift!

So this is the gist of what we’re doing. We’ll have some Wendler Strength Cards at the Box by Friday! Keep Track!