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Kilo 4.14

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Only a few more days left to sign-up for the
D6 Challenge! Choose basic or macros!!
👉🏽 👈🏽

CrossFit Belmont Heights – KILO – Olympic Weightlifting Club


A: Snatch Drills

3×5 Drop Snatch

3×5 Tall Snatch

B: Pause Snatch High Pull + Low Hang Snatch High Pull + Pause Snatch (Build to crisp set)

Pause two seconds, 1 inch off floor.

C: Clean Drills

3×5 Banded Clean Pull

3×5 Hip Drills

D: Halting Clean DL + Clean DL + Clean High Pull + Clean + Split Jerk (Build to crisp set)

E: Concentric Front Squats (Work up to a 5RM)

2 second reset between reps.