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EWS – All you need to know!

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Alrighty CFBHers! The 33-Day Diet/Workout/Yoga challenge we call Eat,WOD,&Stretch starts on Monday, September 11th!

Here are some videos (and by “some” I mean a LOT) that’ll give a breakdown of how things will go!

This is a Partner challenge, so find a friend (from CFBH or not) and register to play here!

The Basics about EWS.

Registration for the EWS

The EWS Booklet

The Accountability Part of EWS (1/3 of your weekly score). Download a 4-week recipe book, with done-for-you grocery list, here! (Thanks Layla!) Whole30 Recipes

The Yoga portion of your Challenge (1/3 of your weekly score). Registration comes with 1 CFBH yoga class per week!

The workout portion of the EWS (1/3 of your weekly score). This is not to be confused with your daily 15 workouts…this is the weekly EWS workout.

Weekly Scoring and EWS prizes! #allthemedals



If anything’s still not clear, don’t worry! Email me directly at or post directly on the Facebook Member’s page and I’ll answer it!

All Whole30 related questions can be answered directly from their website…I promise

If you’re new to CFBH, your HAVE to do this challenge! I’ll blog about what to expect shortly…It takes some people a week or 2 for your body to adjust to eating differently. Don’t worry, you won’t die! 😉