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Eat WOD Stretch : Sept 11-Oct 13

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What’s up, CFBHers!

We’ll be kicking off EWS: Tag Team Partner Edition on Monday, September 11th (ends Friday, October 13th)!

Below are the details!

(Scroll to the bottom for a couple amazing before/after transformations from this challenge!)

Register here for the EWS CHALLENGE!!!


Eat,WOD, Stretch (EWS) is a 5-week challenge following a Whole30 diet, daily workouts (not necessarily just CrossFit workouts), and Yoga daily.

Each day you’ll earn points for doing healthy things, and lose points for doing not so healthy ones. Each participant will get an EWS booklet to record their daily activities.


This challenge you will get to select any person to tackle the challenge with. Partner scores will be combined weekly for your team score. If you’re in need of a partner, we’ll find you one. It’s best to pick someone you see regularly at the gym or out of the gym. Or, a person that you can listen to all their complaining about not having creamer in their coffee and still want to hang out with them 😉


There are 3 components that make up your score, each are 1/3 of your total:

#1: Accountability

The accountability portion of this challenge is the most important part of your transformation. Whole30 diet is a “metabolic reset” where we restrict foods that are known to have negative inflammatory affects to our bodies. During the Whole30, you will refrain from eating any dairy, legumes, grains, sugar, and processed foods.

If you’re new to Whole30, go here to find out the details ( There’s no answer you won’t find there…promise.

#2: Yoga

Everyday we see Athletes’ progress limited by poor range of movement. Adding yoga to your regular routine will make movement easier- along with lots of other benefits from spending time on your mat, too many to list! Your requirement to earn full points is to do 15min of Yoga DAILY! You earn extra points when you take Yoga at the gym.

#3: Weekly EWS Workout

Each week for 5 weeks, we will announce a different EWS workout. These workouts are individual workouts, and both you and your partner will have to complete the workout for your weekly team workout score.

There will be 3 divisions (Competitor, Performance, Fitness), separated by sex, in the weekly workout. Coaches will ensure that Athletes are in an appropriate division for their strength and skill set.

Your rank after the workout will earn you points against athletes in your same sex and division participating in EWS. The points will be based on the number of competitors in your division.

Partners can compete in different divisions, and you can change divisions weekly depending on the workout. But no “sandbagging” will be allowed.


Yes, we will measure:

  1. Weight
  2. Waist (at your belly button)
  3. Hips (at the widest part of your buttock) #bigbooty
  4. Sit and Reach (Just like grade school, this measure your hamstring/low back flexibility
  5. Shoulder PVC Pass-Through: measures shoulder mobility/range of movement

These measurements, as well as Before and after pictures, are all optional, but recommended, so that you can see your improvement.


Registration for the EWS challenge will be $50 per person. This will include one (1) free Yoga class per week at the gym, either 9am on Sundays, or 745pm on Thursdays.


The winning team will each earn one month of Unlimited classes that will begin Monday, October 16th.

Register here for the EWS CHALLENGE!!!

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Edric EWS


 Register here for the EWS CHALLENGE!!!