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Hey CFBH fam! Here’s the info for this weekend’s Pride Parade!!


CFBH Pride shirts are here and will be at the box tonight. Please come pick them up when you come to workout between now and Sunday. If you didn’t get a Pride shirt we have ONLY a few extras for sale or you can wear any other CFBH shirt for the parade!!

We have 22′ stake bed truck that will have speakers, balloons, and plenty of room for dancing (The more the merrier!!). We’d also love to have a few people riding bikes and walking alongside the float. Pride told us a MAX of 5 walkers/bikers or we’ll be considered a “marching group”.

We have to inflate about 1,000 balloons for the arches that’ll be on the truck. I’ll be using a compressor at work, but 1K of balloons for a single person will take a long time, with or without a compressor. I have a small compressor we can use, but i may run out quick.

We already have the balloons at the Box. Please inflate them, tie them off, and leave them upstairs on the mezzanine. Danielle “DC”, is asking for a group to help inflate balloons on Saturday @11a at the gym.

Here’s a ROUGH picture of what our float will look like…
CFBH Pride float

Look for the float near Ocean & Redondo, parking is very limited so try to take public transit or walk/bike. The parade starts at Ocean & Lindero and ends just past Alamitos.

The parade officially starts walking at 1030a, but please arrive early to the area to hang out and soak it all in. Feel free to bring some waters/snacks/beverages and sunscreen!!

Please let us know you’re coming by messaging DC (909) 214-8527!

See you Sunday!