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CFBH IRONMAN: Kids of Steel Course

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Here’s the Kids of Steel Triathlon Course for tomorrow!

The race is STARTING at 8am. If you’re participating tomorrow, PLEASE review this email for the course info so you don’t get lost. 🙂

It’s gonna be a TON of fun. Carpool or bike in if possible. It’s summer time, so obviously it may be busy.

Please meet up at 2nd and Bayshore. This is where we will keep our bikes when we’re not using them.

tri #1 pic
We will review the course and walk down to the swim starting area at Horny Corner.
Swin Start
You can swim or wade the 300m. If you are swimming along the buoys, please know that there are some serious swimmers out there would will run you over. Please give them the right-of-way.

You will swim to where our meet-up area was and exit the water to begin the 3-Mile bike course.
Swim Fin Bike start
You will travel down Bayshore and go left at the fork, down 54th Pl.
stay left
You will CROSS THE STREET (to bike with traffic) and go LEFT on Ocean Blvd. Please ride in the #2 lane (the right lane). DO NOT RIDE ON THE SIDEWALK.
bike left on ocean
Go all the way down the Peninsula and make the last possible right at 72nd St.
bike right on 72nd
Go down this road and u-turn back through the parking lot.
Bike u turn
Make a left on Ocean Blvd (traveling with traffic) and return to the “Meet-up” point at Bayshore & 2nd the same way you came.
bike left turn peninsularun and bike turn on 54thbike run bayshore n 54thBike finish run start
Drop off your bike and begin the 1-Mile run. Travel down Bayshore and stay left on 54th Pl.
stay left
Make a left on Ocean but DO NOT CROSS THE STREET.
run left on ocean
Turn around at the Mail Box in front of this building.
Run turn around point
Go back the way you came, and complete the tri at the “Meet-up” point.
run and bike turn on 54thbike run bayshore n 54th
Finish the race and CELEBRATE!
Race finish