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CFBH 4.11

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Partner WOD
10min AMRAP
21 Cal Row
MAX UB Ring Dips
10min AMRAP
15 Cal Row
MAX UB Pull-ups
10min EMOM*
9 Cal Row
AMRAP Burpees
*Partners Alternate min

**Each team only has 1 rower to use**

For the first two 10min AMRAPS, the “buy-in” is the calories, then you complete as many Unbroken reps as possible (until failure.) once you fail, you must again “buy in” before attempting the unbroken reps (which add to your team total).

Partners can begin their buy-in row as soon as the rower becomes available. Partners can even “lap” each other.

Each AMRAP/EMOM will be total reps completed by the pair

10min EMOM
ODD: 15 Toes to Bar
EVEN: 15 Burpees to 6” Target
Alternate Movements
==Right Into==
5min AMRAP
Ball Slams