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Kilo 9.30

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CrossFit Belmont Heights - KILO - Olympic Weightlifting ClubWeightliftingA: Hang Snatch High Pull + Snatch High Pull + SnatchBuild to crisp set. MAXIMUM EXTENSION!B: Segmented Clean + Clean + JerkBuild to crisp set.C: Snatch BalanceBuild to heavy double. Get comfortable with this movement. Focus on that instead of going heavy,…

Fundamentals Day 5

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CrossFit Belmont Heights - Group FundamentalsWarm-upA: Warm-up (No Measure)Dynamic Movements -High Knees -Butt Kickers -Toy Soldiers -Cossack Squat Monster Walks -Forward -Backwards -LateralWarm-upB: Warm-up (No Measure)REVIEW Deadlift SnatchWeightliftingA: Clean (5-5-5)WeightliftingB: Thruster (3-3-3)MetconFran (Time)21-15-9 Thrusters, 95# / 65# Pull-upsRX+ 65/45, JPU RX 55/35, JPU Fit 45/25, JPUMobility/StretchingWarm-up (No Measure)Childs Pose Spinal…