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CFBH 10.11

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Pullup Progression (16 mins)


L1: 5x JPU + 3 sec neg
10x Ring rows
15x Seated banded PVC pulldowns

L2: 3-5x Strict/kipped C2B pullups
+ 5 sec neg
10x Deficit ring rows
15x Seated banded PVC pulldowns

L3: 3-5x Wt. C2B pullups AHAP
10x 1-Arm ring rows (5 ea. arm)
15x Seated banded PVC pulldowns

EWS Wod #5
For Time: (15 mins)
Row for Cals
C: 95/65, P: 75/55, Fit: 45/35

CFBH 10.9

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Strength: Front squat/Back squat
8 mins to w/u to 85% of F.S. 1rm
12min E3MOM
3/6 @90%
(Do 3 reps of front squat then immediately go into 6 reps of back squat)
*If 90% is too heavy for the day then use 96% of whatever were supposed to use.

3 RFT (10mins)
12 T2B
14 alt Front Rack reverse lunge
16 burpees
C:115/80 P: 95/65 Fit: 75/55

800m run for time

CFBH 10.3

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Strength: Power clean & Jerk
A. Take 7 mins to warmup to about 70%
2x Power cleans + 2x jerk
start @75% and add weight every round if form permits

4 Rounds For Quality (20 mins)
10 Close grip DB bench press
15 Bent over rows (each)
20 strict press with 45# bar
25 banded pull aparts

400m run for time
*time to show us your speed this is an all out effort

CFBH 10.2

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Muscle-up camp (15min)

Progression 1: false grip hang
Progression 2: ring pullup with knuckles in
Progression 3: ring row to transition
Progression 4: banded L-sit muscle up

10min AMRAP
9 Amer. KBS
9 Goblet Squats
9 Amer. KBS
9 Box Jumps
C:53/40 P:45/35 FIt: 40/25

10min EOMOM
3 Muscle ups

C: Ring MUPS
P: Ring or Bar MUPS
or banded ring MUPS
Fit: ring row to transition with dip

CFBH 9.29

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Take 10 mins to work on overhead mobility

For Time: (12 mins)

9x OHS from the floor
(Must be done in 3/3/3 sets)
C: 205/145  P: 165/115  Fit: 125/85

15x OHS from the floor
(Must be done in 5/5/5 sets)
C: 185/125  P: 135/95  Fit: 95/65

21x OHS from the floor
(Must be done in 7/7/7 sets)
C: 155/105  P: 115/75  Fit: 75/55

For time: (12 mins)
2x 800m Run
Work to Rest is 1:1
Comp- use 20lb weight vest

CFBH 9.28

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Strength: Strict press/Push press

7 mins to w/u to 75% of strict press 1RM
4/8 @80%
(Do 4 reps of strict press then immediately go into 8 reps of push press)

Partner WOD:
20min AMRAP
16 T2B
24 Alt Pistols (L+R=2)
32 Plate Russian Twists
40 Cal Row
*Plate must alway be in a team members hands (25/15)
*5 burpee penalty if plate touches ground (except when doing russian twists)