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CFBH 1.17

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Max Reps Strict Box HSPU (1min Max)
C: Hip over Hands,
P: Pike Push-up,
Fit: Walk-out/Walk-in push-up
==Rest 2-3min==
6min EOMOM (3 Sets)
75% of Max # of Reps (Round up)

7 Rounds
Every :90
1 Pwr Clean+ 1 Push Jerk+ 1 Hang Sq Clean
+ 1 Split Jerk

C: start at 135/95 and build as form permits
P: start at 115/75
Fit: start at 95/65

3 Rounds
5-8 strict T2B
15 banded pull aparts
:20 sec pec/shoulder stretch on foam

CFBH 1.16

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We will be working on some drills for our bar muscle ups today. Focus is on a strong hollow body position and be able to rotate around the bar with arms straight. In our metcon we get to see if our practice has paid off If you are someone who is close to getting that BMU take that whole minute to make attempts. And of course we have some cardio work to get that HR up.

Skill Work: Bar Muscle Up
15min EMOM
1) snap to hollow on floor w/ pvc
2) straight arm hollow body pulls
3) jumping bar muscle up

10min EMOM
Min1: 3 Bar Muscle ups
Min2: :45 lateral box jumps
rest 3 mins
10min EMOM
Min1: 15 AKBS
Min2: 100m run

C: BMU, 24/20, 53/35
P: C2B pullups, 24/20, 53/45
Fit: pullups or ring rows, 20/16, 40/25

1-2min banded lat stretch
1-2min foam roll calves
1-2min cat/cow

12min AMRAP
20 KBS (Rx 53/45, Sc 45/35)
15 Wall Balls (Rx 20/16, Sc 18/14)
10 Toes-to-Bar (Sc Knee Raises)

CFBH 1.15

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STRENGTH: Front Squat
10mins to find a heavy 1 rep for the day
(doesnt have to be a 1RM)
5 @ 75%
3@ 85%
1+@ 95%
(last set is as many as you can do w/o going to failure)
% based on heavy single for the day
==Rest 2 mins between sets==

3 Rounds: (23min)
30sec Max Reps, 60sec Transition
1) Assault Bike Cal
2) Burpees
3) Cal Row
4) Alt DB snatch
5) Bench Press

1-2min Foam Roll Quads/IT (Each leg)
1-2min Banded Hamstring Stretch (Each Leg)
1-2min Glute/hips Lacrosse ball smash

CFBH 1.12

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Focus today is technique and getting back into a good starting
postition every time. This is good prep for the Metcon.

4 mins to warm up to working weight
8min EMOM
3 Touch-n-Go Power Snatch
C:115/75 P:95/65 Fit:75/55

7min AMRAP
10 Pwr Snatch
30 Double Unders
RX 75/55 Scale: 65/45

Recovery(not optional)
3 Rounds
:20sec calf stretch on post (each)
:20 sec thread the needle (each)
:20 OH stretch on foam roller


CFBH 1.11

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Max Reps C2B Pull-ups (1min Max)
C: Try for UB
P:: 5 sec Pull-up Negatives + JPU,
Fit: 3sec Pull-up Negatives + JPU
==Rest 2-3min==
8min EOMOM (4 Sets)
65% of Max # of Reps (Round up)

“Dig your own grave”
Partner WOD
15min AMRAP
Ring Push-ups
AMRAP: Sync Burpees

P: 185/125, Ring PU or HRPU
Fit: 135/95, HRPU

“Go see Cal!”
For Time: (18 mins)
2 Rounds:
50 Cal Bike
50 Cal Row

CFBH 1.10

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Some tough workouts on Mon & Tue. Legs are toasty. For those of you who are sore, use today’s “Flush out” WOD as a way to recover a bit and dial back some of the intensity. Be sure to hit the foam rollers and stretch post WOD today!

Max Reps Strict Box HSPU (1min Max)
C: Hip over Hands,
P: Pike Push-up,
Fit: Walk-out/Walk-in push-up
==Rest 2-3min==
8min EOMOM (4 Sets)
65% of Max # of Reps (Round up)

“Flush Out”
For Time (26min)
4 Rounds:
400m Run
25 Sit-ups
500m Row
1min Plank

CFBH 1.9

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Warm-up (All): 10-15min
Work up to a “light” 10RM Front Squat*
*Use this weight for WOD a

For Time: (10min)
50 UB Front Squats from rack
*Every break = 10 Burpees

For Time: (10min)
50 DUs

C: 70/53, 50 UB DU or 150 Singles
P: 53/45, 50 DU or 100 Singles
Fit: 45/35, 50 DU or 100 Singles

For time: (20 mins)
“Db Elizabeth”
Db Power Cleans
Ring dips
==Rest 3 mins, THEN==
Db Push Jerk
Box Jumps
C: 45/30, 24/20
P: 35/20, Ring or Box Dips, 24/20
Fit: 25/15, Box Dips, 20/20 Step-up

CFBH 1.8

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Fun one today!!

Starting with a 3-rep Touch-n-go Power clean. You’ll get 10min to find the heaviest weight. You can rest at ANY POINT OF THE LIFT, but the barbell cannot rest on the floor until all 3 reps are complete.

For the WOD, you’re accruing 50 TOTAL REPS for the round starting first with WBs (must be unbroken), then unbroken Chest-to-bar any remaining reps, then any remaining reps (of the 50 total) on the Bike. Once you hit 50 reps, regardless of what movement you’re on, you will rest for 3min before starting the next round.

50 reps minus UB WBs, minus UB C2B, remaining reps on the bike, rest 3min before next round.

10min to find:
3-Rep Touch-n-Go Power Clean (No Squat)
==2min Rest==
1min AMRAP*
Power Cleans (not TnG ok) @Final Weight
*Score wt & reps

10min EMOM
5 PC or HPC for technique
==2min Rest==
1min AMRAP

3 Rounds: (18min)
For Time: (3min)
50 Total Reps
UB Wall Balls
Remaining Reps: Cal Bike
==REST 3min==

C: 30/20, C2B or Pull-ups
P: C: 25/20, Pull-ups or 15 JPU (max)*
Fit: 18/14, 15 JPU (max)*

*If doing Jumping PU, can only do max of 15 JPU. Remaining reps will be on Assault Bike.

CFBH 1.5

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Today’s strength/technique work will help you get ready for the second part of the WOD. We’ve created a 2015/17 hybrid of DBs, then return to the bar for a 1RM Clean&Jerk. Use the C&J EMOM to determine what Clean & Jerk you will start off with. Plan on being tired when you get there, so be conservative, you’ll have maybe 3-4 chances for your 1RM.

About the WOD: First and foremost…hit the standards of ALL the movements of the WOD (you should always be doing this anyway). You may not be judged today, but hold yourself to the standard you will be held to in February!

Second thing, Part 1 of the 15.1 hybrid is a GRIP BURNER! Plan accordingly. Try not to waste any movement by getting a “no rep”.

STRENGTH: Clean and Jerk
5min EMOM warmup
1 clean pull+1 high hang clean+1 jerk
7min EMOM
1 C&J (Do not go heavier 80% of 1RM, focus is on form)

Open Wod 15.1 Hybrid
9min AMRAP
15 T2B
10 DB Snatch
5 DB Deads (2 DBs)
C: 50/35, P: 35/25, Fit: Knee Raises, 25/15
==Right into==
6mins to find heaviest C&J (using barbell)

CFBH 1.4

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The Monster-Mash should put you in “The Open” mainframe, where you’re tired, have less than a minute to go, and need to links some reps together to finish the round or better your score…BREATHE! Don’t rush. Compose yourself for an extra 3-5seconds, then GET IT!

STRENGTH: Deadlift
5min to warmup to 65%
10min EOMOM
5 Deadlift @ 70-80%

5min Assault Bike
(score is total calories)
==2min Transition==
In 5mins:
800m Run
==2min Transition==
5min AMRAP
10 Burpees
Max UB Double Unders

Score Bike Cal, T2B, and DUs

C: As Prescribed
P: 50 DUs
Fit: Knee Raises,
100 Singles or 25 DUs