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August 2017 Newsletter

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Summertime is in full swing!

An action packed August is about to start here at CFBH. Here’s what’s happening…

Aug ustamima

I couldn’t decide on a name so I’ll just share them both. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This month, we will be working on stamina. When most people think of stamina, they usually think of just running. Well, we’re not just talking about Cardio vascular stamina, we’re also talking about muscular stamina.

For example, you may know the max weight you can squat 3 times back-to-back…but do you know what weight you can squat 20 times in-a-row? 😳😳 Yes…I said TWENTY! Don’t worry, we will have a progression to get us there, but that’s an example of muscular stamina.

So, get ready for some lung burning and some burning muscles as well. 🍑🔥


CFBH is proud to support the Special Olympics of Southern California (SOSC) in a Plane Pull event on Saturday, Aug 19th.

The funds SOSC raises through this event goes towards helping Athletes with intellectual disabilities, helping better their lives through sports, education, and athlete health. For every dollar raised, 89cents of it go directly to programs costs!

CFBH will be raising money as a team, and if Team CrossFit Belmont Heights raises over $1,250, we get to assemble a 25-person team and pull a 124,000lb FedEx Boeing 757 a total of 12ft! 😲😲

To join in the fundraising, register HERE and join team “CrossFit Belmont Heights”!

CFBH will also be hosting a Functional Fitness Challenge (FFC) at the event for everyone. We’ve programmed a Partner WOD for it. There are 3 categories to participate in, Male/Male, Male/Female, and Female/Female. The top winner get prizes and everyone participating gets a chance to win a 10-pack of Classes at CFBH ($169 value) or that amount put towards your membership.

The FFC costs $15 if you register early and $20 on event day. All these funds will be going to the SOSC.

EWS Tag Team

“End of Summer Slim Down”
EWS – Tag Team Edition: Aug 21 – Sept 29

Eat, WOD, Stretch (or EWS for short) is our 33-day diet, workout, and yoga challenge. In this challenge, you will monitor your daily activity and earn points for good habits, and lose points for not-so-good ones. You will record this in the EWS Booklets you will each receive.

The “EAT” will be a Whole30 diet, the “WOD” will be 15min of working out (any activity that increases your heart rate to be considered a workout), and the “Stretch” will be 15min of Yoga practice. These activities will have to be done daily to earn max points.

You will pick your own partner to attack the challenge, so as the saying goes, “Misery loves company”! Choose wisely.

There will be more info out regarding registration, as well as a couple of sessions where we’ll break down all aspects of the challenge announced shortly.

Refer a friend

Nothing is more fun then enduring a tough workout with a buddy. Not only is fun, but it helps keep you (and them) motivated. We know this, So if you have a buddy you want to workout with, let us know at

We’ll offer them $50 off their first month when they sign up for a 6 or 12-month membership, and we’ll hook you up with $50 as well!


The weather has been so hot and the water so warm, that we’re gonna do it again! There will be a Beach WOD on 8/26 at Horny Corner in Belmont Shores (1st & Bayshore). The WOD will start around 8am and take no more than an hour. You will be getting in the water.

Pulse! and the Team WOD will still be scheduled at the Box for that day.



It’s been a while that we’ve mentioned it, but we LOVE reviews on Yelp! If you’re loving CFBH, there’s no greater gift to us that a great review on Yelp. If you are so inclined, please go to to our Yelp page and leave us a review.

  CFBH Testimonials

We’re also looking for a few people who would be willing to give us a little testimonial on your experience at CFBH, regardless of how long that you’ve been here. We’d love an Athlete from every stage of CrossFit career, from newbie to veteran. We’ll reach out to a few of you, but volunteers would be amazing! Shoot me an email at and let me know. 🙂

August Survey:
Feedback, Suggestions, and New Ideas

If at anytime, you find that there’s something that CFBH can improve or something you’d like to see us do that we’re currently not… PLEASE LET US KNOW. I know, I know…it can be awkward to saw that we’re missing something, or should be doing something better.

We want CFBH to remain the best CrossFit experience in town, so if you have a suggestion to keep us there, we’ll be shooting out a ANONYMOUS survey for you guys to fill out sometime this month. It’ll only take a few minutes and would be great for us to hear what you have to say.

Aug Bdays MZ

Welcome our Newest Members:

Jacqueline A., Jerson C., Deborah E., Michelle F., De’Jeann J., Matt L., Kristina Q., Ian R., Thomas S., Emilee T., Jorge Z., David P., Kristina S.

That’s all we got!
It’s you guys, the members,
that make CFBH the best gym in LB!