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9 Ways Not to Get Fat(ter) this Holiday Season

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Unfortunately, this one is hitting a little close to home at the moment. Don’t take offense to this blog title, because this is actually “me” talking to “me”, and this is a strategy I’m making for myself. Hopefully sharing this helps you make it to 2018 a little fitter/lighter than you may be now.

#1 – Show up!

You’re paying for a membership…now actually use it! Novel concept, I know, and we’ve ALL been there. This time of year is typically when people forget how to find the gym. The hardest part is making it through the door, so do it!

#2 – Set a Goal

There are plenty of fitness events to sign up for that can help get you in gear. 5K runs, 1/2 or Full Marathon, Triathlon, obstacle courses, mud runs, CrossFit/Weightlifting competitions, Rowing competitions. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE COMPETITION…Honestly, there’s nobody here who cares if you win or not. It’s about signing up for something, and giving yourself a goal! At CFBH, we have a Kilo Weightlifting Meet on November 19th, and just kicked off the CFBH Crew Team last Saturday that’s training for a 2K Row on February 3rd, in Long Beach.
1) Sign-up for CFBH Crew here!
2) Here’s a link to running events in the LB area.
3) Here’s a link of Mud Run and Obstacle Courses (We have some Athletes doing the Spartan in January!)
4) Here’s a link of Local CrossFit competitions

#3 – Team up

Misery loves company (jk…kinda). Nothing helps more than a sidekick. Challenge them to train with you. Maybe make a wager with them that whoever trains the least between the two of you, has to (insert bet here) The bet could be something like: loser pays for the other’s registration of the event, loser buys dinner on cheat night, loser pays for a night at a hotel, loser washes the other’s car…whatever. Make it fun.

#4 – Make a Plan

There are a lot of resources online in regards to training for whatever your goal is. We also have a very knowledgable and diverse group of Coaches that can help you…use them! Someone may have experience in preparing for what you’re getting ready for.

#5 – Create a schedule/routine

Everyone has excuses, and they’re all legit, and they’re all important…I know that mine all are. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t care…it just gets out of shape will minimal effort. Make a commitment to yourself to take a class at least 3 times a week. Put it in your phone scheduler. Stick to it ESPECIALLY when you don’t want to. If you’re someone’s workout buddy and they’re not feeling it that day, drag them in here, because there may come a day when you’ll need them to do that for you. You ALWAYS feel better after a class.

#6 – Personal Training

Purchasing a handful of personal training sessions that you can add to your regular training regimen (maybe once a week) will not only help you become a better athlete, but help keep you accountable. A Coach can make you an individualized workout program to help get you ready. Even the expense of Personal Training actually helps keep us accountable because no one wants to spend their money on something they don’t use, right?

#7 – Eat better most of the time

A lot of people use an 80/20 rule when it comes to eating healthy. 80% of the time, they’re going to eat “clean” or healthy, and 20% of the time, they can eat/drink as they wish. Limit your splurge to one day/night a week, then get back to healthy the next morning. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

#8 – Stop Overeating

For me, visually, I like to see my plate full. Just so happens that plates have gotten bigger over the years…go figure. So now, I make myself what I believe to be is a “smaller portion”, or one that’ll leave me hungry. I eat it and then I give myself about 5 minutes. I usually find myself at the “I could eat some more” phase knowing that another serving will put me over the top. If I insist on another round, I’ll just keep it to a salad or side dish. I find myself walking away content more often, and not stuffed to where I can’t breath.

#9 – Jump in!

It’s really difficult when you’ve “taken a break” from working out and then NEED to get back into it. It’s like jumping into a cold pool. I hate cold water which is why I’m using this analogy. When you’re dry and warm in a towel, there’s little interest into getting into the cold pool. The anticipation is worse than the action itself. Not even people in the pool saying things like “It’s not bad once your get in!” doesn’t do it, even though you’ve been that same person yelling that same thing to other people. You know that when you first hit the water, it’s gonna suck…really bad…but only for a little bit…and then low and behold you’re swimming and having fun with the rest of them. Point is, suck it up and jump in the damn pool already.

So this is my strategy this holiday. It’s simple (not easy) but above anything else, it’s realistic and attainable. Hopefully it works for you guys too!

See you at the Box!