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CFBH 8.10

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Back Squat
8min to w/u to 65%
20 reps @ 5-10lbs (~2.5%) heavier than last 20 rep
==Rest 4min==
10 reps at same weight (Go for speed through the middle)

Partner WOD
5 Rounds Each:
Partner A: Bike 10/8 Cal
Partner B: Amrap HR pushups
5 Rounds Each:
Partner A: Row 150m
Partner B: Amrap V-ups
5 Rounds Each
Partner A: 200m Run
Partner B: Amrap air squats

CFBH 8.7

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Strength: Bench Press
Take 7mins to warm-up to 60%
20 reps @ 65-70%
==Rest 4min==
ME Unbroken set w/ just the bar (no pause @top)

For Time: (10min)
Russian KBS
Burpees T2B
C: 70/62, P 53/45, Fit 45/35

Every :90secs for 9 minutes
Power clean + Hang Squat clean + Front Squat + Jerk Start @60-65% of max C&J
Comp & Perf: Increase by 10lbs every Round.
Sc: Increase by 5lbs every Round.

CFBH 8.3

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Muscle up camp
12min EMOM
Min 1 – False Grip Hang 15-20 seconds (regular hang if unable to use false grip)
Min 2 – Ring Row to Transition (start w/ rings below armpits)
Min 3 – Russian dips 3-5 (scale to toes/feet on ground as necessary)

9min AMRAP
100m Farmers Carry
20 V-ups
40 Double unders
C:70/53 P:62/45 Fit:45/35

4 Rounds
1min ME DB Goblet Squat
1min ME DB snatch
rest :30 seconds between rounds
C:50/35 P:40/25 Fit:35/20

CFBH 8.2

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Strength: Back Squat
A. Take 8 mins to warmup to about 60% of 1rm
B. 1×20 @60-65% rest 4 mins 1×10 @same wt.
*will add 5lbs to 20rm next wk

4min AMRAP
500m Row
20 Ball Slams
AMRAP Push Press
==Rest 4 Minutes==
4min AMRAP
500m Row
15 Ball Slams
AMRAP Push Press
==Rest 4 Minutes==
4min AMRAP
500m Row
10 Ball Slams
AMRAP Push Press
C:115/75 135/95 155/105 40/30
P: 95/65 115/75 135/95 30/20
Fit: 75/55 95/65 115/75 20/15
*Score is total Push Press

CFBH 8.1

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Strength: Deadlift
Take 8 mins to w/u to 65%
12min E3MOM
1st 3min: 9 @ 70%
2nd 3min: 7 @ 75%
3rd 3min: 5 @ 80%
Last 3min: 3 @ 85%
*inbetween sets do 8-10 Single Arm DB bench press.

For Time: (15min cap)
30 T2B
40 OH plate walking lunges
50 Burpee-over-plate
40 OH plate walking lunges
30 T2B
C:25/15 T2B P:25/15 scaled T2B Fit: scaled weight and T2B

CFBH 7.31

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Skill work:
Take 10 mins to practice/ warmup either the Snatch, C+J, Pistol sq., Ring Dips

12min EMOM
EVEN Min: 3x Sq. snatches
ODD Min: 5x Power Cleans + Jerks
C: 155/105 P: 135/85 Fit: 96/65

12min AMRAP
6x Ring Dips
12x Alternating pistols (L+R=2)
18x Abmat sit-ups
C: Ring Dips P:Box Dips Fit:12 HR Push-ups

Accessory work: Not for time
3×5 Snatch high pulls @100% of 1rm
5×3 Def HSPU negatives